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Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson - 20th Anniversary
Darwin on Trial 20th Anniversary - Click to find out more!
The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science: How Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science
God and Evolution: Protestants, Catholics and Jews Explore Darwin's Challenge to Faith
Signature of Controversy - Responses to Critics of Signature in the Cell
Center for Science and Culture - Discovery Institute
The Worst Part of Censorship is...
C.S. Lewis Society Presents Signature in the Cell Live Discussion
BIO-Complexity is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a unique goal. It aims to be the leading forum for testing the scientific merit of the claim that intelligent design (ID) is a credible explanation for life.
Meyer, Sternberg,
Shermer, Prothero
David Berlinski: An agnostic
challenges the new atheists
Western Word Radio:
AFA Darwin Debates
What are the Origins
of the Universe?

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Is Richard Dawkins Wrong?
The Manhattan Declaration
How to Become Human?
Stephen C. Meyer
Signature in the Cell
Heritage Foundation
The Voyage that
Shook the World
Abiogenesis =
Spontaneous Generation
Fact Sheet: The
Cambrian Explosion
Fact Sheet: Microevolution
vs. Macroevolution
10 Thoughts for Darwinists
to Ponder Before Breakfast
Top 10 Darwin and Design Resources 2009
The Complexity
of the Cell
[ Video ]
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed DVD
Opened in the Top 10

Top Grossing
Documentary of 2008

6th Biggest Box Office
Documentary in the USA